Best Tips For website ranking – Rank Your Website On Google First Page

Best Tips For website ranking: When many people start their website, they do not know how to customize that website, how to write posts, how to secure the website, and most importantly how to rank your website ? So people make some mistakes, due to which their website ranking gets down, and never able to rank in future, so today on this post I will tell you how to rank your website on the first page of Google, so read the post carefully. (Best Tips For website ranking)

Best Tips For website ranking – Rank Your Website On Google

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Best Tips For website ranking - Rank Your Website On Google First Page

However, if your website is on Blogger, then you do not have to work too hard, because there is not much customization option on Blogger, and Blogger provides security free for every website, so all the websites on Blogger, they are just You should pay attention to the content/post, keep posting regular article’s, you will definitely get success, (Best Tips For website ranking) but if your website is on WordPress, you will need many things Have to take care.

Before proceeding to Post I want to tell you one thing , if you are a new person in the world of blogging, then do not make your website in WordPress. First create website on Blogger learn about blogging, and then a few days later you can go with WordPress.

WordPress is a paid platform, here you have to pay for everything, but on WordPress the website ranks quickly, because there are so many options in WordPress, There are available many plugins which maintain the SEO of your website in a props manner. And if you built your website on WordPress, then definitely you need to read below.

Buy a Top-Level Domain

To make a good website, if you want to get the benefit of your hard work, then you have to buy a top-level domain name, there are many people who buy cheap domains or free domains. because people do not want to spend money, but this is your biggest mistake, a top-level domain increases the value of your website.

Best Tips For website ranking - Rank Your Website On Google First Page

Due to the cheap domain, the website does not get the of adsense, and then any website you have created, and all the hard work you have done in it, becomes useless, so you start your blog from the Top Level Domain.

For example >> .com .in .co .online Etc.

By the way, domains are also very cheap nowadays, .com domains will be available for you between 400 to 500 rupees, if you want, you can buy from given my link, but try to get the .com Domain name, because the .com domains are ranked in the entire world. (Best Tips For website ranking)

Create Your Website Design Fully Customized

First of all, you will have to fully customize your website, such as Menu Bar, Important Pages, Social Media Links, Theme color, and you also have to consider, whether the Template you have is Mobile Friendly Template or if your theme is not Mobile friendly, then your website will be removed from the search engine ranking. because many people search from smartphones.

So whenever you create a website, keep in mind these things, no one knows, but this part is the most important in website ranking.

Submit Your website on Webmaster Tools

Whenever you create a website, you must add that website to Google Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console, because of this, the content of your website is revealed to Google about the niche of your website, and only on this basis, Google will recognize your website. With this, Google ranks your website, and your article is forced to come to the first page.

Best Tips For website ranking - Rank Your Website On Google First Page

Along with submitting the website to Google Webmaster Tools, you must submit a Sitemap of your website, some people once they add their website to Google Webmaster Tools, after they do not pay attention to it again, but it would be the biggest mistake.

sometimes some error notification comes in Google Webmaster Tools of your website, you should fix it, otherwise your article in not get index on google search engine, so that your post ranking is getting down.

Write Seo Optimized Article
Your article will rank when you write an SEO friendly article,You have to optimize your article SEO, that is, you have to write a good article, and that article should be SEO friendly also, you can also use plugin to write a stylish SEO friendly article, you have to keep including the right keywords in your article, so that Google does not recognize your keywords as spam.
Plugin for writing SEO friendly article
Optimize Your Image
SEO of image is very important in the post/article, whenever you create an image for your blog post, or download it from somewhere, you must give the name of that image.

And along with the title text keywords in Image Properties and also give your Blog Title Keywords in Alt Text, this will rank your image in Google, which will increase the chances of getting traffic from Google through the image.

Best Tips For website ranking - Rank Your Website On Google First Page

Also you have to optimize your image, you can use the plugin if you want, otherwise there are many websites in Google, you can also use them. I always use the same website as the name. (compressjpeg)

If you want, you can also use this website >>

Write Attractive Post Title
Title is the most important for website ranking, if you have written a good title, then it will definitely attract the people, and due to your attractive title, people will definitely click on your article, due to this the chances to increase traffic coming to your website.

You will know that on YouTube people click on that video after seeing the video thumbnail, in the same way people click only after seeing the title of your post, the more clicks you get on your blog post, it is help to Ranking Increase of your website.  (Best Tips For website ranking)

Best Tips For website ranking Rank Your Website On Google First Page 7 min

So it is important that you write a good title, to write a good title, you have to research keywords, you can use tools to research the word. like Google keyword planner, RF Tool, Etc.

Chose Best Topic for your Blog
For a website, it is very important for you to have a Topic, if you want your website to be ranked on Google first page, then the Topic of your website should be uniq, such that the Searches are more on Google, and the competition is less.

Although, today, there is more competition on every keyword, but you can choose a particular topic. And you can work on it, if your post is informative then your website will definitely rank.(Best Tips For website ranking)

If you are making a website just thinking that you want to make money from it, but you do not have any knowledge about anything, then i suggest you do not create a website, it will be a waste of your time and money too. Therefore, you should make a website on the topic about which you have knowledge.

Find Long Tail Keywords For Your Website
Whenever you write a post, you must use Long Tail Keywords & Short Keywords in your post, because there are many users who search Long Tail Keywords on Google Search Engine, and if your article rank in any Long Tail Keywords, the chance to in future it will also rank on small keywords.

You can change any short keyword to Long Tail Keywords, I have given an example to learn, you can see.

  • Best Food in USA
  • Best Food For Kid In USA 2020
Use Meta Description
Whenever you write a post, it is very important to give the description of that post, by giving Meta description, for that people get to know about your post, what you have written in your blog, if Visitor has something find the description of your article, which is benefit of his needs, then he will definitely click on your article.

Best Tips For website ranking - Rank Your Website On Google First Page

You can also write the keywords of your Heading Title in the meta description, which will make it easier for Search Engine to understand your post, and will show your post on the top of Google Search.

Do Short-Permalink
Permalink also plays a very big role in the ranking of the post, Permalink is your Post Url / Link, when you create Permalink for your blog post, my advice is to make a Short Permalink, because Google Search Engine Gives the highest value to Small Permalink, because it included your main target keywords.

People get Too much greed and makes his post’s permalink too big, they think that the big permalink is help to their article will rank quickly, but it does not, due to this their article removed from ranking, and website ranking also decreases.

So whenever you give a permalink of a post, you have to give a small permalink according to your title, this makes your post rank very soon in the search engine.

For example >>

  • /website-security-checklist-For-new-Blogger-2020/
  • /website-security-checklist/
Read Top 10 Article On First Page Google
The more you learn about anything, the better it is, and learning is never finished, so you have to keep learning, whenever you write a post/article, you must do a topic related search in Google before that, and Top 10 Articles of Search Do also read well, it will give you an idea about that topic, how people have shared the convegade.

If someone has written an article in 1000 words, then you write your article in 2000 words, if the other person has used 3 images, then you use 4 images, put a video in the article, so that Visitor will read your article for a long time, And visitors will stay on your site, this will increase the value of your site, and your website ranking will also increase.

Learn Basic SEO Information
SEO is also very important to rank websites in Google first page, then you should know at least basic SEO, if you do not know what is SEO, and how SEO is done, then you can read my other post.

You can use a plugin for your website SEO, named Yoast SEO and Rank math, this plugin is better for doing SEO, my favorite plugin is Yoast SEO, you can use it if you want. link is given below.

Yoast SEO plugin >>Yoast Icon Large RGBDOWNLOAD

Do not do copyright at all
A lot of people think that they will first copy the article from someone else’s website, and it will help to rank their website, because they think that the article of another website is already ranked on Google, but this is the biggest mistake, such By doing this, Google can pay a penalty to your website, or it can bring copyright to your website.

Best Tips For website ranking - Rank Your Website On Google First Page

Therefore, whenever you write an article, you should not copyright at all from any website, because the copyrighted article never ranks in Google Search Engine, so you should not copy the image, video and content from any website.

Working hard is difficult, But the success achieved by hard work is the next label Fun . (Best Tips For website ranking)

Create Backlinks
Today backlinks are very important for the website ranking, backlinks helps bring traffic to the website, article ranking increases, whatever you create backlinks from website, it lets Google Search Engine know how many Trusted Website you have Refer to the article.
which increases the chances of your post appearing on the top page of Google, but if your website backlinks are from a spam website, then your website gets removed from the rank. (Best Tips For website ranking)


Best Way To Create High Quality Backlinks for Website 2020

Best Tips For website ranking – Rank Your Website On Google First Page

So whenever you create backlinks, you create backlinks from your website from the respective site itself, but remember to create backlinks from popular websites, which have more DA-PA, and spam score should be down.

There are many courses on online for website SEO, which you can learn, and rank your website, link is given below you can learn it.

SEO & Digital Marketing Course

Social media is very helpful for website ranking, so if you have an audience then you can use them, make an account everywhere like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Etc, and promote your website.

SEO is a work that you will have to learn and learn and learn. you cannot do anything without learning, I can only give some instruction, it is your responsibility, how well you use those tips. (Best Tips For website ranking)

So hope you have liked this article, To help your friend, share this article, Because sharing is caring.

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