Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

YouTube alternative websites: If you are a blogger or you are a person who likes to make a lot of videos, then you must have used YouTube to upload your videos, however YouTube is the top website to publish videos, No one can compete with this website.

But apart from youtube, you should also share your videos on other platforms. Which is called YouTube Alternative.

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

Best YouTube alternative websites


By uploading your videos on other platforms, not just only increases your visibility, but it also helps in increasing the value of your own branding or whatever brand you are representing.

In this post, you are going to know about some YouTube Alternative websites, where you can upload your videos, and you can also earn a lot of money from your video, this is because, today internet is much cheaper, and in the coming days, it is going to be cheaper, and you can take advantage of the same thing.

An important thing before uploading a video:

Whenever you go to upload a video, keep your video titles and descriptions ready, I always keep it ready before uploading my video, and whenever I upload my videos, just make those words quickly I’ll copy & paste.

Apart from this, there is one more thing that you should do (if you are not doing it yet), that is, make sure to add intro and outro to each of your videos, you can use a site like Fiverr to make a good video intro, you can make a professional intro or outro for $ 5- $ 15.

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020 3

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

Apart from this, you can also use any video editing software for free, and you can make a good intro. If you use a smartphone, then the power-director and kine-master are better for you.

Now I think I have done a lot of things, now we should go to the real thing, I am going to tell you the name of the other YouTube Alternative site, you can consider them as alternatives to YouTube.

Facebook Page :

Once you upload your video to YouTube, Facebook is another place where you can share your video, this increases the chance of your video going viral, and also making a page on Facebook. It is absolutely free. But there are some rules on Facebook, which I have described below.

      • Allowed Size: 4 GB Max
      • Time length: 120 minutes max (Source)
      • Allowed size exception: 1.75Gb
      • Caption text length: Max 2200 characters

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

If your video is longer than the limit given above, then you cannot upload your video, but if you have video editing software, then you can divide your video in 2 or 3 parts, and you can also upload, but I think most people make videos of less than 120 minutes.

You can also use a tool called Tube-Buddy, this tool uploads your YouTube videos nati-vely to your Facebook page. This saves you a lot of time.

Upload video on Twitter :

Twitter is also another popular social networking site, where you can share your videos. Here you can record a new video, or you can also upload your existing video, but here too, there are some rules, some limits, which I have given below.

      • Max video length: 2 minutes 20 seconds
      • Supported format on mobile apps: MP4 and MOV
      • Supported format on Twitter: MP4 video format with H264 format
      • Upload size limit on the website: 512 MB

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020 7

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

If your video length is more than 2 minutes 20 seconds, then you can easily trim your video with the help of a mobile app. And the good thing is, very quickly people are famous on Twitter, and there are many more who use it.

Instagram videos :

You can also upload your videos on Instagram, but long videos cannot be uploaded on Instagram like other websites, here you get a chance to upload a video of more than 60 seconds.

So you can create a video teaser for your main video, and then upload it to instagram, when your video treasure is uploaded, you can add a link to the full video in your description, and You can recommend to watch the original video, although this work is a bit long, but you get its result as a high-quality promotion.

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

But there is a problem on Instagram, that you can upload your videos from your smartphone only.

But where there are appearances, there are some advantages too, you can take this from Instagram, that you can promote your video using its Live Videos and Stories feature, and as you would know, more than video People click on stories more, and hence the chance of clicking on your video increases.

 Vimeo :

Vimeo is also a free video hosting site like other YouTube Alternative websites, here you get both free and paid plans, usually brands prefer uploading their videos on Vimeo.

To use Vimeo, you have to create a free account with it, after creating the account Vimeo will provide you 500 MB per week upload space, but there are some strict rules regarding their commercial videos on Vimeo, which you should follow. Will have to.

There are no problems in using a free plan for a blogger, independent production company, author, artist or a non-profit.

The most interesting thing is that you can upload videos to Vimeo directly, by using Drop Box, Google Drive, One Drive & Box, I like to use the Dropbox feature to upload my videos on Vimeo.

DailyMotion :

You must have heard the name of Daily-Motion, it is an old video sharing site, where you can upload videos for free, and make your brand even more famous, and you can also earn money from here. By monetizing your videos, You have some limits to upload videos to Daily-Motion.

      • Maximum file size: 2 GB
      • Maximum video duration: 60 minutes
Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

On Daily-motion you can create a free I account, but you have to follow some rules to upload
your video here, such as your video should not be copyrighted anywhere, you upload it here
and monetize that video, then you can earn money from that video.

The best thing on Daily-motion is, here you do not have to execute any kind of target, Like other sites, on YouTube you have to complete 1000K subscribers and 4000 hour watch time, but on
Daily-motion your video gets instant monetized.

  • Facebook Page
  • Upload video on Twitter
  • Instagram videos
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • Flickr
  • Veoh
  • Vube

But there are very few users in Daily-motion, you have to work very hard here.

Flickr :

If you were still thinking that Flickr is a photo sharing site, then you are wrong, because very few people know that you can upload videos on Flickr, you just have to sign up to upload video. For
this you do not have to pay any money, everything will be free, then you can upload your video as soon as you upload the images.

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020 9

On Flickr you get the space of Ads free account with 1TB memory, but if your account is Paid Account, then you get unlimited space here, but one drawback of Flickr is that you do not get
videos easily Category wise here.

Veoh :

If you are looking for another site, as YouTube Alternative, then Veoh is a good option for you,
you can easily upload video of any length here, the user interface of this website is very clean,
and Also, many social features like making friends, personal messages, forums, groups are also
here, due to which you can easily reach your videos to more people.

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

 Vube :

Vube is also a good YouTube alternative, Vube was launched in 2013, and in a few days it became one of the 100 most visited websites in the world. If you talk about Facebook FanPage, Vube has 1.7 million likes.

More than 20 million people visit Vube, you can also create your own account, it also gives a chance to create an account for free.

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020 10

Note :

If you are a YouTuber, and your channel has already grown, then you should work on YouTube, there is no need to go to other YouTube alternative websites, YouTube is the best to share videos, but if you are a blogger, then you can give your website link to other alternative websites, this gives you value as a backlink.

Best YouTube alternative websites For Make Money 2020

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