Guideline value, Blogger dashboard, SEO optimization

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Viswanath – 07/22/2020 – Guideline value, SEO optimization

Guideline value: Hello welcome once again to Thedailywebsite. Friends, I always see that people are always running for Blog seo, people feel that SEO is a very big task, which is not easy to do.

But friends I always say that, you just concentrate on your work, SEO is not a rocket science, you can do it very easily, only you have to focus a little.

Guideline value, Blogger dashboard, SEO optimization

Guideline value, Blogger dashboard, SEO optimization
Guideline value, Blogger dashboard, SEO optimization.

If you read this article today carefully, then you will never have any problem with SEO. And there will be no question about SEO in your mind. So read the post carefully.

Whenever someone thinks about creating a website, the first one goes to the blogger because blogger is a free platform, here everything is available for free, if you work well on blogger, then your website Rank definitely.

Although there are some limitations on Blogger, but it is the best web design platform for new Blogspot bloggers, not many people know this. That Blogger is also for Advance Bloggers.

All the Advance Bloggers work mostly on Static website, and on a Static website traffic is high, so if we want to host that static website on other hosting platform, the cost will be so high, so it is right to use Blogger / Blogspot .


Guideline value, Blogger dashboard, SEO optimization

First of all, you login to the Blogger dashboard, after that you will have to create a new Blogspot, you click on Create New Blogg, after that you can write the name of your website, which you like to create.

After this, you will need the theme on Blogspot Blogger, Theme is the only thing, due to which your Blogspot website looks attractive, then you can use any theme, there are many free themes on Google, you can also make them if you know the coding.

I suggest you use Fastest Theme, as this theme gives you the opportunity to customize all the things. This theme is also available for free, and paid. So you must use this theme.

After installing the theme, you have to customize it, which you can learn by watching the video below.

After all the things are customized, you will have to do some basic SEO of your Blogspot website, which you can do very easily.

Blogger dashboard: guideline value:

Talking about SEO, you have to first go to the Blogger dashboard, and click there on the settings, as soon as you click on the settings, you will see a lot of links in front of you, and this is where your real work starts.

Guideline value, Blogger dashboard, SEO optimization

First you will get the title on the settings of Blogger dashboard, here you have to write the title of your website, and it is very important for seo optimization, a lot of people do not write the title of their website, and blogger write the title according to their theme of the website, and that title also gets indexed in Google, and in this way your website starts searching by some other name.

Although you can fix this problem, but it is going to take a lot of time, so before indexing your website in Google, you must do all this work.

Setting Description: guideline value:

Just as the title on Blogger is very important, in the same way its description is very important for a website, the description makes it easy for people to have a good understanding of the website, and anyone who searches will find it easy to crawl your website.

Guideline value, Blogger dashboard, SEO optimization

Therefore, you must write the title and description of your website.

Guideline value :

Whenever I have talked to a new blogger, they tell me that, brother, I do not get traffic on my website, and then I visit their website, and see that their website has 4, 5, or more then 10 articles, after that he stopped writing articles.

In such a way your website will never rank, you will have to keep updated on your website, people do not understand that Google Adsense does not approve of 10 articles in a website, so where will the traffic on your website come ?

Then How to get traffic ? guideline value:

Just like you work in an office, blogging is also that type of work, it is also a kind of job, but there is only one difference, if you make a mistake in blogging, that mistake is never forgiven, If you have copied someone, in the eyes of Google you will always remain a thief.

Therefore, friends, do the work yourself, do not copy anyone, do the work in which you have fun, do not do the same work by anyone, it is never getting successful, because that second person is proof in improving their work, But you don’t know anything.

In the settings of Blogger dashboard, you will see one more option, whose name is search preferences, you have to click that option, after this you will see many options, such as Description, Custom robots.txt, Custom robots header tags, Custom ads .txt, you have to do all these optimizations.

I have already told about the description, now we have learn about custom Robots.txt:

Custom robots.txt, guideline value :

This is a code that gives index instruction to Google or any search engine to your website, if you do not want to show any page in your website, or any single file in Google, then you use custom robots.txt You can do this using .txt.

Guideline value, Blogger dashboard, SEO optimization

By the way, I have already written a post about Custom robots.txt, if you want, you must read that article.

SEO optimization, guideline value :

I know that you will still be confused about seo optimization, you will still have a question about how to do seo optimization of your website? So friends, you need to Use your brain a little bit.

Here SEO is only done, but while writing a post, you have to do SEO for your article, you have to provide everything in your article, which you are writing about, you have to use the image, you have to use the video Also.

Guideline value Blogger dashboard SEO optimization 5

Sometimes there are too many articles in the same topic, and if we have to come on top of all the articles, then you have to analyze those articles first, if the other article has 3 images, then you use 4 or 5 images. Analyze the first, then write the article.

I have told you about how to SEO an article, you must read that post.

Keyword reaserch, guideline value :

For any website, its keyword boosts SEO by 100%, so you must first research the keyword, if you are working on a keyword that has no demand, or you choose such keywords. If the competition is very high, then your website will never rank.

Guideline value Blogger dashboard SEO optimization 2

That’s why it is very important to research keywords, although blogger is a free platform, but if you want to rank your blog, earn money from online, then you have to invest some money, you will need a paid tool to do keyword research. Such as Ahref, Moz, etc.

But all these tools are very expensive, so you can buy in groups if you want, or there are many websites on the internet that also provide the keyword Research Tool at a low price, you can get these tools in 300 or 400 rupees for a month.

So friends, I hope you liked this article, so do share this article with your friends.

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