Hostinger Review 1 of the Best Hosting for Indonesia

Hostinger, Hello friends, Friends, in our blogging world, there are thousands of hosting providers, and some of them provide good service, and some companies sell the wrong product, and some company is scammers, but on the internet, there are many such websites, Which is really great, and Hostinger is one of them.

Hostinger Review

Hostinger was first introduced in 2004 and was founded in Lithuania. During its inception, this platform name was >>  ” Media Hosting ” then later in 2011 this name was changed to Hostinger.


Although Hostinger is a very good hosting company, and I like its domain resistor very much, but the question always remains, New peoples always thinking that which hosting is good for us? so I bought Hostinger’s Hosting plane and used it, and i am going to share with you the results.

And I will tell you that which is the best hosting plan for you from Hostinger.

If you are from Indonesia, then you can go with, and you can also go with, After visiting Hostinger, you will see the hosting menu in front of you, and here you will see the different hosting category like Shared hosting cloud hosting, Email hosting, WordPress hosting.

Hostinger Review 1 of the Best Hosting for Indonesia
Hostinger Review 1 of the Best Hosting for Indonesia

Now a lot of people confuse here, which hosting should we take? So guys if you just start blogging, your website is still in the starting stage, then you should BUY a shared hosting, because the website does not have much traffic in the initial days, and Shared hosting is perfect for a normal website.

So if you talk about shared hosting, then you get to see 3 packages in Hostinger. The first is Single shared hosting, 2.Premium shared hosting, 3.Business shared hosting.

I bought all these hosting plans and tested them one by one, the first result of Shared hosting.


Hostinger shared hosting.

Let’s know about single shared hosting, in this hosting you get 1 website and 1 Email facility, means you can host 1 website with this hosting plane, and this package also has 100gb bandwidth, and free SSL, if we talk about the package price, the price of this package is 0.99 $ but this price is for 3 years, If you want to buy this hosting for a year, then the price increases here, and I found it a bit strange.

Hostinger shared hosting.
Hostinger shared hosting.



But if I talk about the website speed, I could not find any special speed in this hosting, worldwide I got its speed in 9.63 seconds, which is too much, any website should be loaded within 6 seconds.

After installing WordPress, the speed will be 100%, but as soon as I designed the whole website by installing the theme and plugins, then its speed would slowly go down.

Therefore this hosting is not right for the beginning.


Hostinger  Premium shared hosting.

The second plane is premium hosting and its price is 2.89 $ per month, but this price will also be available in the package of 3 years, if you want to buy for 1 year, you will have to pay $ 5.99 per month here, and this is Too much.

If I talk about other platforms, there is cloud hosting available at this price, and their speed is also very good, but, but, but.



You also get some benefits here, in this package you are given an opportunity to host an unlimited website, and this is a very good thing for you.

In addition, Unlimited bandwidth is available in this hosting package, Free SSL is also available, and you can also create Unlimited Email in this package.


Hostinger Business hosting:

This package has impressed me a lot, although everything is unlimited in this package, but you have to spend a little more money here.

If you talk about the price, then in a 3-year plan you will pay $ 3.99 a month, and in 1-year plane, you will have to spend $ 6.99 a month. I really liked one thing in this plan that you get daily backup.

Hostinger Business hosting:
Hostinger Business hosting:



And this hosting is much faster compared to other Hostinger hosting plan, after customizing the website, I checked the country-wise speed, and in every country the result was correct, the speed of worldwide this hosting got me 4.2 seconds, which is quite good, so Definitely you can go with this hosting.


Hostinger Cpanel review:

If you buy the Hostinger Hosting plan then you will get H-panel, and i like it very much, coz Hostinger H-panel is the next label management hosting platform, it’s working quite good compared to Cpanel, on Hostinger H-panel you get everything with one click, you can install WordPress Zomla or other PHP platforms with just a single click.

I like it’s Update section, if you buy a shared hosting plan, and in feature, you want to upgrade the hosting, then definitely, you can do with hostinger Cpanel, which is called H-panel, don’t need to change nameserver or get Backup of your website.


Final review of Hostinger Shared hosting:

If you talk about Hostinger shared hosting plan, then it is the best budget hosting, you can BUY it, although its single hosting plan is not perfect, but you can go with a premium or business plan.

I will give Hostinger shared hosting a 4-star rating out of 5.

Now here talk about the performance of the website, you should know Web Design well, it happens quite often that the default coding comes from the themes and plugins and slows down the website too much.

So if you do not know Web Design, then you should buy a service, if you want, you can also buy my service. The cost is 54.60$. call me for web design >> 9653230179

Apart from this, there are many other websites on the internet, which provide very good hosting, you can also buy them if you want, I have given the link of the best platform.

Namecheap Hosting plan >> BUY NOW

Reseller Club Hosting Plan >> BUY NOW

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