How do I SEO my website? On page SEO OFF page SEO

Viswanath – 2020-09-17 – How do I SEO my website

How do I SEO my website?, I have heard every blogger talking about SEO, and this is one of the things that always need to be learned, as new updates of SEO keep coming with time.

And due to competition, the number of websites has increased a lot, in such a situation you have to keep doing good work, if there is any shortcoming in your work, then you are going to face a lot of problems.

Therefore, a blogger should always update the SEO of his article and the pages of his website.

How do I SEO my website? On page SEO OFF page SEO

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But every day new peoples are stepping into the world of blogging, then it always gets complicated, that is what is SEO, and the question arises on how to do SEO of our website.

Although I cannot fully teach about SEO inside a single article, but if you read this article carefully, then it is possible that you can larn completely about SEO, so let’s know what SEO is, and how to apply it to our article?

What are the types of Seo?

Although The methods of SEO always change, but if those methods are named, then there are 2 methods of SEO, one is on-page SEO, and the other is off-page SEO.

What is on-page SEO?

There is not much difference between these two methods, if seen, both are the same, If you look carefully, both of them are the same, there is no difference in this, even if they were given the same name, it would have been right, but I think, I think it is a split between them so that people Is easy to learn.

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Whatever the reason, but inside of the on-page SEO comes, writing of the article, keyword placement, image SEO, Outbound link, internal links. metatag, title, and the Url.

First of all, let’s start on-page SEO, whenever you write an article, you have to understand the structure of that article.

Meaning you must have seen many articles, which are informative, but their design is not good, and people exist from them just by looking at them.

And This is increases the exit rate of the website, and along with it the trust label also starts down, so you have to design your article properly, and it depends on your imagination.

One thing I would like to say here is that you keep your paragraph smaller, write only 2 or 3 lines in one paragraph, People like small things quite a lot, so I would advise that write a paragraph as small as possible.

This is followed by heading >> Step2

As you can see, I have told a lot of steps in this article, and I have also highlighted those steps, actually, those are the headings of my post.

Because of the Heading search engine knows what is inside your article.

This allows visitors to understand the article much better, and the search engine also makes it easier to crawl, and the heading also increases the readability of the article, so definitely add the heading inside your article.

What talking Viswanath about SEO >>


Now many people can say that we have a news website, so how to add headings in it? Because there is no heading in the news, friends, you should do smart work.

Smart work does not mean that you start copying and pasting, smart work means, how quickly and well you are able to use things, you can use related keywords within your news, and You can set it as a heading, and obviously, if you add the heading, you will get the idea of ​​paragraphs.

Images SEO >> Step3

Now a lot of people use the image of my website, because the image of each of my articles is available in Google, and new bloggers download those images and also use them on their website.

But do you know, by doing this, in a way you promote my website, Google Now acts like a human being, and he knows which product is original if you download the image of my website If you use it on your website.

Then it does not index your website, on the contrary, it is in reverse, instead of your website, my website starts crawling again, and this makes my website again in the top.

So I would always say that you make your own image, I have already made a video to make an image, you can watch it if you want.

Just by adding the image, your image never ranks on Google, you will have to do SEO of your images, and for this, you can take the title of your article, I have explained below how to do SEO the image, you can see it in the video.

Internal linking >> Step4

Internal linking is not a backlink, I know people are very confused between these two, and they do not understand what is the difference between the Internal linking and backlink?

Because people have made the backlink so famous, that we hear the name of the backlink first as soon as we hear any link name.

But friends, I am talking about the internal link, which is the URL of an article in your website, if you add a link to your old article inside your new article, then it is more chance that People also visit your other article.

And in this way, you can increase views in your old article too. Therefore internal linking is very important for a website, and it is also an SEO factor.

How do I SEO my website? >> Step 5

Outbound link This is also a part of SEO, Outbound link helps in understanding an article correctly if there is a word inside your article that people do not know about it.

So if you link that word with a website where written the meaning of that word, then people will understand better, and this will increase the trust of your article and more, a lot of people understand it.

That if they add a link to another website within their website, then a backlink will be found for that website, then friends, you are thinking right, but you should add a link to a website which is very popular.

Off-page SEO:

Off-page SEO is also similar to On-page SEO, I think both of these steps should have been added in the same category, and I don’t know why people discriminate between Off-page SEO and On page SEO, Because both things are the same.

How do I SEO my website 3

I think this has been done so that people can understand things in a good way, otherwise, you guys comment and tell me what you think about SEO, and what you got to learn from this article, and if you liked the article, do not skimp in sharing it with your friends.

How do I SEO my website? On page SEO OFF page SEO

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