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How to grow youtube channel: Hello, and how are you guys, you have got a lot of information about Blogging from The daily website and you will continue to get more tips in the coming Is blogging still a thing in 2021? WordPress Blogger days, but in this post today I am going to talk about how you will grow your youtube channel / YouTube tips because it is also very important, Youtube also has a big role in the online earning category. So I hope you like this article, and you will read it carefully.

How to grow youtube channel 2021




What is youtube?

Youtube is a platform from which we can place ads on our video and make money from it, in Youtube you have to create an account, and then show your talent through video, and when people see that video, then along with the video, ADS also starts appearing, and we can earn money from there. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips.

Now it depends on you what kind of video you will make and how well you are able to put your talent in front of people. it totally depends on you.


How to create a channel?

To create a channel on Youtube, you need an email account, which you can create for free from Google, using Google’s Gmail service. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips.

To create a Gmail account you need A phone number, after creating a Gmail account you have to sign up on YouTube and create a Youtube account.

But when it comes to earning, then you will need a lot of things like PAN card, Aadhaar card or voter id, or driving license, bank account, correct name, and address. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips.

Without them, you cannot make money from youtube.

Apart from this, you will need a laptop or PC with which you can edit videos, although you can also make videos from your smartphone, but the smartphone does not have such good quality video.

And you know that in today’s time everybody likes to watch HD videos, so you also have to take special care in the quality of the coming videos.

So if you do not have much money, then you can buy an action camera, whose video quality is very good, and it will cost around 3000 to 5000 rs, still, I have given the link to buy an action camera below You can buy if you want.



YouTube channel growth tips:

To get success on YouTube, you have to take care of a few things, first, you have to choose a topic, the topic can be anything, if you can do a good job on that topic, then you will definitely get success.

As many people tell you on Youtube that Thumbnail has to be correct, description has to be added correctly, it is all simple things that everyone knows, but you have to keep in mind that the work you are doing, is that work right, is he able to present things properly to the people.

How to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips

I have seen so many YouTube channels, who feel that after watching the video, they are composing the video forcefully, they do not have any interest while making the video, and in this way, they do not do things right they Can not explain the things properly, nor is the quality of video good.

Video quality does not mean that you need a good camera. A good laptop is needed for video editing. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips.

Video quality means your talent, how well you are able to present yourself in front of people, there are many people here, especially those who are 17 or 18 years old who do not know anything, But on seeing someone else’s channel, they have started making videos on YouTube.

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This is useless work, people do it because thousands of videos available on youtube it is said that you can earn millions from YouTube, and AdSense approval is needed to earn money.

And those who are new in this field they forget about other things and only Adsense remains in their mind, and then they focus only on Adsense, and they make videos, due to which they never get success in life. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips.

Yesterday one of my students messaged me, sir, How do I grow my youtube channel because I have been making videos for 1 year and so far I have not received any results.

Post for you:

Then I told him that brother, you should work properly, your video is not right. So his reply was that youtube is getting mad, now no channel can move forward, and then he deleted his channel.

There are people who always like to walk in an easy way in life, and the result is they never get anything.

If you want to grow a youtube channel or get success in any work, then you have to work hard. There is no other way. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips.

If you are starting by watching other channels, if you want to come to youtube thinking that only earning money from Adsense, then it would be better to do a job somewhere, do not waste time here.


Do not run for the money:

I have also seen people who are only running for AdSense, no matter what is in the video, they have nothing to do with the content, sometimes I like to slap such people, this type of people waste their time unnecessarily. In addition, it also disturbs the family. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips.

There are some people who do not even know about youtube, and they also start putting videos on channels, but the video is not their own, they copy any video, and upload it to their channel.

And after a few days, Youtube deletes their channel, even people leave their studies to leave their Job, due to Youtube.

People who do this are really stupid, Youtube is just a website where we can only access our talent to the people, earning from Adsense is just a Buenos of our work, maybe in the coming days Adsense may not work on youtube.

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If you work properly, Adsense is a very small thing, there are many other ways to earn money from YouTube. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips.

Some people are so useless people who do not know anything other than just counting views on their channel, they will always keep asking how much $ will be found in 1000 views.

I do not like to answer the questions of such stupid to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips.

You just keep working, it depends on the public to recognize your work, if they like it, they will make you king, it is not that Youtube did not recommend your video to people, but rather YouTube supports a new Youtuber.


Do you need a laptop and camera for youtube channel growth?

As far as I think, there is no need for any kind of expensive things for the growth of youtube channels, nowadays every Smartphone has such a good camera that can easily bid a Dslr, and all my videos are also Recorded from my phone.

The quality of the video will be completely dependent on your user. Do not think that you will need a laptop or Dslr to start the channel. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips

You can also get started with small things, if I talk about me, I use a 6fit tripod and my smartphone.

My work is done only in this, if you talk about a little more investment, then you can buy a MIC for yourself, which you get in 200 or 300 rs.


So if you have talent, if you are able to impress others with your art, then you are welcome in the world of Youtube, So jump into the world of YouTube, I am sure you will break through all the difficulties and get ahead.

The remaining thing, you should not pay attention to the various tips and tricks mentioned on youtube. how to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips

So friends, hope you would have liked this post, if you like then do not forget to like and share, because sharing is caring.

How to grow youtube channel, Youtube tips

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