What Is RAM? 2021 Best Knowledge About DDR4 ram DDR3

What Is RAM: Friends, when you think to buy a Smartphone or laptop and PC, first of all you want to know how much RAM is available on that device, and how much is memory/Disc space.

Although memory/disk space is another thing, But RAM matters in a computer, if the RAM is good in a computer or smartphone then that device will be able to perform better.

For example, RAM is the highest in today’s smartphone because games like PUBG or others are prevalent in today’s world.

How Much RAM Do I Need

What Is RAM? 2021 Best Knowledge About DDR4 ram DDR3
What Is RAM? 2021 Best Knowledge About DDR4 ram DDR3

In the same way, video editing software or computer apps have been more advanced than before, and because of this, we need more RAM and disk space in our computer.

But have you ever thought about the types of RAM, and how it works, if you do not know, then let me tell you some types of RAM and complete information about them.

What is the Full form of RAM?

RAM means Random-access memory. This is the full form of RAM, maybe the question will come to your mind that why people do not speak call it with the full name, so my intelligent friends our world has become quite advanced, and girls’ clothes have also become very small due to this. shortening anyone’s name is a simple thing.

RAM is a type of memory of a computer, But no data is stored in it, it is only accessed randomly.

Meaning when you do some work on the computer or Laptop, whether it is video editing or using a browser, then that work has to pass through RAM, Meaning as long as you do some work in a computer, it is run via RAM, and when you finish that work, then that work Permanently stored in SSD or Hard Drive.

What is RAM:

RAM gives space to the computer as a virtual server for managing any data, if you do not know what is a virtual server then you can read this article.

RAM corrects many problems in a computer or phone, if a problem occurs in any data, RAM can correct it.

It is exactly like the blackboard of a classroom, in which we can write any text to solve our problem, and we can erase it when the work is finished, but those things get stored in our mind.

Or when the blackboard is full, erase the needless things from them and write them again. And the bigger blackboard will be able to write big text length.

RAM also works in the same way, according to its capacity, many software can be run simultaneously on a single computer or smartphone.

But all these tasks are temporary, meaning that all these tasks are done for some time,  the RAM in a Computer does many tasks at a time and delates many tasks too at that time.

Also takes care of Computer’s Cache and Speed. If your computer has more RAM then your computer will work with more speed.

For example:

You must have heard the name of Filmora, which is used for video editing, or software like Maya, which makes 3D animation videos.

Although all these software work very well, and they are also used extensively, but to run them you need the right amount of RAM.

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If the RAM in the computer is not correct, So the work which could be completed in 1 hour that work may also take 10 hours to complete.

I have 2 computers, one has 4GB of RAM, and the other has 1GB, both of which I use Filmora, but the computer which has 1GB of RAM takes me 30minuit to make a video, but another computer which has 4GB of RAM, Work is done in 5minit.

When we open and use many applications simultaneously on our phone or computer, you must have noticed that the phone starts working slowly.

This is why space is full in the primary memory of a mobile or computer. When you close the application, some space is freed and the mobile starts running again at a good speed.

This means you must have understood that if you want to use a lot of apps simultaneously, then your RAM should be more.

Types of RAM:

Although there are many types of RAM, it is made on the basis of the Device and its Compatibility, maybe the RAM which is in your computer is not in my Computer.

Random Access Memory (RAM) is usually of 2 types. One is Static RAM and the other is Dynamic RAM, let’s know about them.

  • Static RAM (SRAM)
  • Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

What is Static RAM (SRAM)

It is one of the 2 basic memories used in computers, and it always requires electric power to work.

A static RAM does not need to be refreshed to remember the stored data, that is why it is called Static RAM, which always keeps the data as a Duplicate file.

But there is a problem in that when the power is cut, the stored data also gets deleted.

What Is RAM? 2021 Best Knowledge About DDR4 ram DDR3

So if your computer has static RAM, then you should use UPS, so that your work does not go to the bin. It is another matter that in today’s time the current supply remains up to 24hur.

But it is also true that static RAM speeds up the work, and I have explained its Advantage and Disadvantage in a table.

Advantages of Static RAM:

  • Wastes less electricity.
  • Works much faster than dynamic memory.
  • Runs at high speed.
  • Its durability is very good.
  • Used for CPU cache.
  • It does not need to be refreshed.

Disadvantages of Static RAM:

  • Memory capacity works
  • Manufacturing costs are high.

What is Dynamic RAM (DRAM)?

A Dynamic RAM has to be refreshed every time to remember its data, if you had open a software 1 second ago and open it again, then your software will refresh for some time, and the saved data Will show,

This Dynamic RAM is mostly seen in Windows PCs, which we also call as DRAM.

Actually, Dynamic RAM capacitors discharge the Power slowly, and if your PC’s power is disconnected suddenly, then all your data is lost.

But despite this Dynamic RAM is used extensively, because its price is very low.

I have talked about Dynamic RAM through a table, see below.

Advantages of Dynamic RAM:

  • Manufacturing Cost is less.
  • Memory Capacity is high.

Disadvantages of Dynamic RAM:

  • Electricity costs more
  • Its speed is low.
  • Characteristics of Dynamic RAM (DRAM)
  • Its durability is low.
  • Speed ​​is reduced.
  • It has to be refreshed again and again.
  • System memory and video graphics memory are used.


What Is RAM? 2021 Best Knowledge About DDR4 ram DDR3
What Is RAM? 2021 Best Knowledge About DDR4 ram DDR3

DDR3 means Double data rate three, DDR3 was released in June 2007 as an updated VERSION of DDR2, this RAM can be from 1 to 24GB in its SIZE, but this RAM was not used much.

Because it was too slow to work, it did not perform as well as one expected as an updated VERSION.

But DDR3 RAM consumed 30% less power than DDR2, for desktop computers, DDR3 RAM contains 240 Pin. And for laptop computers, the DDR3 RAM chip has 204 pins.

These memory chips DDR3 can only be installed via a motherboard, and that MotherBoard must also support DDR3, that is, if you want to use DDR3 RAM, you have to resort to an old MotherBoard.

DDR3 RAM was an updated version, which was the most used till 2016, and it is also quite old, if used today, then 90% of computer software will not run properly in it.

But if you do only typing work, then you can buy an Old Module Laptop.


What Is RAM? 2021 Best Knowledge About DDR4 ram DDR3
What Is RAM? 2021 Best Knowledge About DDR4 ram DDR3

As you all know that as technology is advanced, and devices are updated, the existing chips in it also become smaller, with the help of which the power seems less and work gets faster.

And if you take an example, then the work you were doing in a DDR3 PC in 1 hour, you can do that work in a DDR4 PC in 30 minutes.

That is, the best performance of DDR3 RAM is the basic performance of DDR4 RAM. So now you can think, How much advanced is DDR4 RAM.

But there is also a drawback here, we cannot use DDR4 RAM in a DDR3 RAM PC, the problem is that the MOTHERBOARD Is not supported with DDR3.

Some motherboards support but are not able to give as much performance as a DDR4 motherboard offers.

But the good thing is that we can make a single stick of DDR4 RAM from 224GB to 512GB, which is quite good for a motherboard, it saves space and power consumption.


The capacity of RAM is measured in MB and GB, and its speed is measured in MHz and GHz. When we have to increase the RAM in our computer or change it, then we also have to pay attention to its compatibility.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that your PC’s motherboard matches the type of RAM. If your motherboard is old, or its generation is not updated, then you will have to use the old version RAM.

So, friends, I hope you have liked this article, if you have liked it, then do not hesitate to share it.

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