Which is the best domain name provider? Domain registration 2020

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Domain registration: Friends, if you want to start blogging, and you are worried about the domain, you are wondering, where to buy a domain? and how to buy a domain name, So this post is for you, in this article, I will tell you about 10 such domain providers, which is quite amazing, and every single platform is amazing in itself. (Best domain name provide)

Which is the best domain name provider? Domain registration 2020



Which is the best domain name provider? Domain registration 2020

A lot of people build their website with free domain in the initial days, And because of that the website is no longer useful, and your hard work also becomes useless, So when people understand that a domain is needed to build a website, then a lot of confusions come, which one is better? And where to get the cheapest domain!

There are a lot of domain providers on the Internet, from where you can buy domains very cheaply, But the problem comes when those domains do not work properly after purchasing them.

Many times it happens that DNS addons do not exist in the domain, so we have to take the help of a platform like Cloudflare to connect to the hosting or any other platform, and this is the biggest problem for a new blogger.

So it would be good if we bought a domain from a platform where everything is present, and we don’t have to go anywhere else to use it.

Important things:

Whenever you buy a domain, keep in mind that in that domain you have privacy protection, and DNS management section in that domain, if both these things are not in the domain, then that domain is useless.

Namecheap Domain >> Domain registration 2020

Namecheap is a platform that gives you lifetime protection when you buy a domain, and I like this platform very much, and it is my first favorite platform from where you can buy a great domain.

Namecheap has its special offer, that is after purchasing the domain you can activate instant from here, and this platform is also very good at connecting to servers, when talking about other platforms, they are told you, that a server needs 24hur to connect with a domain name.

Best domain name provider? Domain registration 2020

But with Namecheap, you get the instant active option here, and if you talk about the price, it is much cheaper than other Platforms, like .com domain gives you 600 to 700 rs.

If you want to buy the Namecheap domain then Go HERE.

Godaddy whois / Godaddy Domain >> Domain registration 2020

Everyone knows that GoDaddy is a good platform, their best thing is their customer support, which is available for 24hur, but if I talk about the price of Godaddy, then it is a little high more than the other platform.

Although GoDaddy’s [ Best domain name provide ] domain costs more. But you also have some advantages here, as I told you you also get DNS and privacy protection in GoDaddy’s domination too, but you have to pay for it separately. (Best domain name provide)

Although GoDaddy is a bit expensive, but their service is also very good, but still I will not recommend this platform, because their domain is very expensive. And Goddady had to add inside this article because it is also one of the top10 Domain provider websites.

Hostinger Domain >> Domain registration 2020

Like every website, Hostinger is a very good platform (Best domain name provider), and from here you can buy domains, although the domain is very cheap in the hostinger, but it does not have privacy, you will have to buy it separately, it may be that If ever there is an offer, you can take privacy protection for free in hostinger’s domain.

But hostinger is also a very good website, and I have also used it, and like Namecheap, you also get instant active in hostinger, and their domains are also much faster.

Post for you:

But sometimes there is some problem with the hostinger’s domain, I have used a lot of hostinger’s domain, and in almost every domain I found the same type of problem.

The problem is that after a few days, the hostinger domain is automatically banded, and you have to update it, if you do not update, then your website crashes.

So I do not like hostinger too much, but it is also a very good website to buy domains.

Bluehost domain >> Domain registration 2020

Bluehost was founded in 2003, it’s based out of Provo, UT. Endurance International Group (EIG), one of the largest hosting companies on the planet.

And you won’t believe, Over 2 million websites are hosted with Bluehost.com. (Best domain name provider) The company is very secretive with their numbers, but they had over 525,000 customers in the year 2010, Even WordPress official also recommends Bluehost To host a website.

Since Bluehost is basically a hosting service provider, they offer shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and also reseller hosting.

Which is the best domain name provider? Domain registration 2020

Which is the best domain name provider Domain registration 2

Which is the best domain name provider Domain registration 2

ON Bluehost available 24/7 live chat, email ticketing, and phone support. Therefore, you’ll always be able to access a customer service representative to help you out with Your domain and hostings.

If you think don’t use Bluehost web hosting or you want to register more than one domain, then expect to pay $11.99 per year for each domain. Best domain name provider

Including of Bluehost package, you will get Domain Privacy Protection is an additional $0.99 per month which will cost you a grand total of $11.88 per year. Altogether, you’ll pay $23.87 per year for your domain and privacy protection.

Reseller club Domain >> Domain registration 2020

Reseller club is a very good platform, but the problem is that you have to buy a domain with hosting and let me tell you, Reseller club hosting is the best in the world, although they are a slightly higher price, but their 24hur customer support and I love their amazing hosting speed.

If you are a new blogger, and you want to buy a good hosting, then you should go with Reseller club.

Which is the best domain name provider? Domain registration 2020

I have used Reseller club hosting quite a few times, and I have never faced any problem, even I have not talked to their customer support till date, about any of my hosting.

But if you are thinking of buying an only domain, then you are going to spend a little more money here.

Google domain >> Domain registration 2020

Google also sells its own domain, although you have to learn a bit here because it is a bit difficult to manage google domain.

But it is also a very good domain platform, and support of google is also available, which is a very good thing.

But google domain is also starting from 800rs, and it comes with privacy, if I talk about google domain then you must take it because it is a good domain provider.

Bigrock Domain >> Domain registration 2020

Recently bigrock started its offer, in which the .com domain was getting in just 399rs, and many people also took advantage of it, but unfortunately, this offer of bigrock has already been closed.

But you can also buy a domain from Bigrock, and even here you get a starting price from around 600rs to 700rs.

Best domain name provider? Domain registration 2020

And bigrock is also a good domain provider, here also you get a separate option to change privacy DNS management, and server, and if you have to buy a domain from big rock, click here.


Friends, I bought a lot of domains in my blogging life and also used many platforms, but I liked the service of some domain providers, there were many platforms from which after purchasing the domain, He was not active, nor did he answer the call.

If you go to cheap things to save money, then it may be that all your money is wasted, so always choose the service or product, which provides a good service. (Best domain name provide)

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