Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows

04/20/2020 – Viswanath – Camtasia Studio Alternatives

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives: When I started making my video on YouTube, then I didn’t have any right software to edit the video, at first I used some mobile software, but these software not have all the features, nor did I make my video better Made aware, i used a lot of software’s, but every software was lacking in me, then I got Camtasia, this is the software, that you can create excellent video by using it. And its interface is also very good, easily anyone can use it.

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives
Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives –

But camtasia is not available for free, it is a Paid software, which costs $249 for One-time fee.

However, there are many video recording software that you can use to record the screen on your desktop, and there are also many free recording software that allows you to record the screen of your desktop/Laptop, but completely you can edit Can not, I have given the link below to a Screen Recording software which is absolutely free, you can use it if you want.

Free Recording software

Camtasia is perfect for those people who are just starting out, who do not know how to edit, they can also use this software.

        • Camtasia Studio Alternatives
  1. EzVid
  2. Expression encoder
  3. Wondershare filmora
  4. Techsmith jing
  5. Screencast-o-matic
  6. Webinaria

Although camtasia is a Paid software, but if you just want to try it, you can use the 30-day trial version of camtasia. I have edited some of my videos. Using camtasia, you can watch them. i give the link Below.

Camtasia is available for both Mac and Windows, as well as having different languages, it is a great product for those who are looking for a good video editing software for their YouTube channel.

The best in the Camtasia Studio is box features, and I like it so much, that’s why I like Camtasia so much, by using Camtasia, you can trim videos, have different effects, add transitions, to a lot of filters.

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows

Camtasia System Requirements :
      • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (Required: 64 Bit versions only)
      • Minimum 2.0 GHz CPU (Recommended: 2.8 Ghz 6th Generation Intel® Core ™ i5 Processor it’s better with AMD processor also)
      • 4 GB RAM minimum (i Recommended more than 16 GB or more)
      • 2 GB of hard-disk space for program installation, it’s batter with 10GB
      • Camtasia System Requirements (Mac)
      • Intel® Core ™ i5 Processor with 4 CPU Cores (Recommended: 2.8 Ghz Intel® Core ™ i5 Processor with 4 CPU Cores)
      • MacOS 10.12 or later
      • 4GB of RAM is required (Recommend: 8GB RAM or more)
      • Minimum 4GB of disk space available
      • PowerPoint 2016, 2019 required for Mac

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows

Playback / Smart Player is supported on Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 Update), latest version for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, iOS 11+, Android 5+.

CamStudio :

Get CamStudio

CamStudio is a Free Alternatives of Camtasia studio. Although it had a lot of bugs before, but now it has been updated recently, so the software can bit Camtasia, but not all features like Camtasia will be present in it, but with this you can make a good video for yourself. .

With CamStudio you can stream video files online, although it lacks some of Camtasia’s features, but it works easily on a Windows system.

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows


EzVid :

Get EzVid

EzVid is another better Camtasia Free Alternatives that works better on Windows, the latest version of Ezvid includes screen recording, which allows you to record the screen of your Windows or MAC, but not the video editing feature in this software. it Is available at Camtasia Studios.

But you can capture videos in EzVid, and from there you can add other videos, and edit your other videos, you can also upload your videos to direct on YouTube, but you can not upload effects in your videos like Camtasia.

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows


Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows

Expression encoder :

Get Expression encoder

Expression Encoder 4 is a Screencast software, created by Microsoft, using Expression Encoder 4 you can record the screencast of your desktop, but first you have to use its audio overlay feature, and then you can use your screen Can record, and then you can edit it. This is an excellent camtasia studio alternative for screencasts.

But in its free version you cannot record video for more than 10 minutes. To do long length video editing, you have to use the Pro version of Expression encoder.

Camtasia alternative free for dekstop and mac 5



Wondershare filmora :

Get Wondershare filmora

Wondershare filmora is a great software, if I never find out about Camtasia, I would definitely use Wondershare, because the software makes everything available, all the things we need for a video editing, Wondershare will give us, even if you are thinking of making a film, Wondershare is a better option for you. But you get to see a disadvantage in this, that you cannot record the screen in it. And you cannot use this software for free, you will have to pay some money for this.

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows


      • Wondershare Filmora requirements
  • Supported – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, (64 bit OS or 32bit)
  • Processor – Intel i3 or better with multi core processor i recommend (Intel 6th Gen or newer CPU for making HD and 4K Videos)
  • RAM – 4 GB RAM minimum videos (8GB required for HD and 4K videos)
  • Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 5000 and more, NVIDIA GeForce GTX AMD Radeon R5.
  • 2 GB vRAM for low video producing (4GB RAM required for HD and 4K videos)
  • Disk – Required at least 10GB free hard-disk space for installation this software (SSD-Solid State Disk recommended for editing HD and 4K videos)

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows

Techsmith jing :

Get Techsmith jing

Techsmith jing is the best free software developed by TechSmith, this software is available on both Windows and MAC, with this software you can record the screen for only 5 minutes. But if you want to use it for longer, then you have to use it’s Pro version.

Best of all, you can create demo videos, presentations and how-to tutorials using Techsmith jing, you get all kinds of tools in it, it also captures audio together, when you video Edit, and you can also customize it at the same time.

Camtasia alternative free for dekstop and mac 4


Screencast-o-matic :

Get Screencast-o-matic

Basically Screencast-o-matic is a great web-based screen recording tool, and it also provides standalone software for both Windows and Mac, which can be used by people who are using web-based applications for Java Screening.

Screencast-O-Matic also has some drawbacks, it just allows only 15 minutes of video recording. For record videos longer than 15 minutes, you will need to upgrade to the Pro version of Screencast-O-Matic.

Also, another major drawback of Screencast-O-Matic is that it does not allow customizing the screen area, you will find some limited screen areas that you can use.

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows

Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows


Webinaria :

Get Webinaria

Webinaria is another free CamStudio Alternative Screen Recording Software, available only to windows users, this software can record any motion method on your desktop screen, just like other software, this software includes video as well as audio narration support.

Camtasia alternative free for dekstop and mac 3

You can edit your recording, and with this software you can also increase the quality of your video, but there is some drawback in this software as well, in this software you can only export videos in FLV format, if you want to export the video in any other format like MP4, MKV AVI and more, then you have to use some other software, but you can use this software You can add text and other things to your video using the Webinaria layer.

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Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives for MAC and Windows

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